Self-Taught Artist Paints Mesmerizing Landscapes on Wooden Canvases

Landscape painting is always a joy to watch. Seeing just how a blob of paint can transform into oceans and forests with a simple brush stroke is truly magical. Take for example the following artist.

Known as Expression by Nada on Instagram, this talented, self-taught, Candian painter has created some amazing landscape paintings that have a life-like quality to them.

She has worked on several landscape paintings of mountains and forests. Most of the trees are done with impasto painting to give the leaves a 3D effect and make them look more realistic. The landscapes are painted upon wooden canvases. These can be round or rectangular and contribute greatly to the finished result.

See some of her amazing work in the gallery below.

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I had a crazy thought the other day..I realized that this time of year every year for the past 5 years I have been in a completely different job/state unexpectedly.. ✨ One year ago i had just come back to Canada after living overseas for a year and a half and i didnt have a job, no leads, no house, no car and a useless degree – i felt like I was starting from scratch. A year before that i was living in Bahrain opening several restaurants and food trucks which I did not enjoy. A year before that I was working at an agricultural trading firm and a year before that, I was working at a law firm! ✨ What lead me to this art career was anything but a straight road…as a matter of fact, it could not have winded more. The past year has been extremely challenging emotionally and mentally for me but it has also been one of the best years of my life because I grew in a way I never thought possible.. ✨ There were a couple other times in life where i considered pursuing art but it just seemed unrealistic with all the pressures to have a “real job” and without any mentors and support. I only truly saw being an artist as a real life possibility when i had my back up against the wall and hit rock bottom. It was at the toughest time in my life that I decided to prioritize myself, my dreams and my potential. It was actually those hard experiences that pushed me and gave me the courage to become an artist. So I am forever grateful and never regret any those the winding highways, shady side roads, and beaten paths i had to take to get here.. ✨ By the way, I decided to share this because in my giveaway post when I asked u guys to complete the sentence “if you knew me well, you’d know that…” A LOT of you said something along the lines of “you’d know my dream is to do art but I haven’t had the courage” or “you’d know I’ve been afraid of sharing my art and putting myself out there”..I hope this post gives you a little inspiration..make your dreams happen people! Take risks, try diff things, and put in the work! ✨ PS i hope u guys love this video. I’ll tell u more about this commissioned painting in another post 💜💜

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