This Nail Art by a Russian Salon is So Extra

They say that there’s nothing in this world that a fresh manicure can’t fix, and most women probably agree with that statement.

That’s most likely why nails have become one of the trendiest topics in the beauty industry today.

From the niche to the downright weird (or unique, if you like to call them that), women and even some men, have decided that having perfectly clean and manicured nails isn’t enough. They’re looking to have some art printed on their nails as well.

Many salons are starting to take advantage of this. However, one Russian salon is taking everything to a whole other level.

Nail Sunny, based in Russia should be your new nail art inspiration. From nails made to look like actual teeth to nails made to look like pineapples, some of this salon’s work is shocking and weird.

But, you have to give them credit because regardless of whether you like the nail art or not, it takes a lot of creativity (and patience) to pull them off as successfully as they have.

If you’re interested or you just want to see some inspiration, be sure to scroll down below to see some of Nail Sunny’s craziest nail art designs.