Take a Gander at this Georgian Artist’s Hyper-Realistic Artworks

Most artists pride themselves on creating something that’s out of this world. Their work, more often than not, belongs in our dreams and imaginations, as well as nightmares. However, for one Georgian artist, he prides himself in creating something that looks more real than just something that’s painted on canvas (or in this case, digitally painted).

Meet Irakli Nadar, whose work looks so real that it could easily pass off as photos.

Irakli uses textures, lights, and shadows in a way that most artists wouldn’t even believe that they could be used in. The resulting art definitely deserves every bit of your time.

Also, unlike other artists, Irakli isn’t shy about sharing how he goes about his work.

He has an account on gumroad, which is an online marketplace for content creators. There, he consistently posts videos and tutorials detailing every part of his creative process so that his audiences and fans alike can learn how to paint like him.

Of course, knowing how much time he’s put into perfecting his craft over the years, you’d be lucky to be even 10% as good as Irakli is at creating art, let alone hyper-realistic art.

So, for now, you’ll have to settle for just admiring his work.

For more of Irakli’s viral-worthy and hyper-realistic art, be sure to scroll down below.