This Mobile Tiny House Becomes a Detachable Green House and Porch

Downsizing and getting a home is not easy.

The former means having to give up a couple of things that you’ve grown accustomed to, such as, you know, more space in your house. The latter, meanwhile, is quite obvious given how expensive houses and lots are today. However, did you know that there is a compromise?

While not necessarily cheap, the mobile tiny homes by Olive Nest Tiny Homes aren’t cramped for space either.

With roughly 323 square feet of space, this tiny mobile home makes use of every nook and cranny to give every couple everything they need, whether it’s to start a new family or to start a new life once the kids have gone on to live theirs.

Mind you, these tiny mobile homes don’t just have living spaces — they even come with their own porches and greenhouse!

These two additional structures are what makes the tiny homes stand out because it helps make the structure more sustainable, allowing you to grow your own vegetables and fruits and enjoy relaxing on your own porch swing when you’re not too busy.

If you want to have your very own bright, airy, and green structure, then scroll down below to see more photos of this tiny mobile home.

Who knows? This might be your next house!