Japanese Wife Hilariously Documents Husband’s Filthy Habits on Instagram

To the married women out there, we’ve got one question:

“Have you ever been so angry at your husband that you decided to create an entirely new social media account just to release your frustrations?”

Why are we asking? Because, apparently, one Japanese wife did, and it’s absolutely hilarious what she’s documented on her social media account, specifically Instagram, so far.

Her account gomi_sutero, literally translates to “throw away your trash,” and it’s all about documenting all the mess that she finds scattered all over her house thanks to her husband.

Even though the photos have Japanese writing, you can clearly see what she’s trying to say.

If you can’t understand though, Google is always happy to translate things for you.

Either way, you’re going to laugh out loud, especially if you’re a housewife who’s had to clean up after your husband one too many times.

Be sure to scroll down to see more photos this Japenese wife has taken.