This Insta-Famous Ragdoll Cat is Purrfectly Pretty

Ragdolls are amongst the most beautiful cats in the world. They always look like they have makeup on and this makes them look even more beautiful. They got their name since they go limp when they are picked from the ground.

Ragdolls are gentle and quite large. They are known for their friendly nature, and they can be very affectionate toward their human owners. They are also very playful and happy creatures. Sounds purrfect to us!

The ragdoll in the picture below is called Bella. She is only two years old but already Insta-famous. Her owner runs an Instagram account for her with over 40 thousand followers.

In one photo, her owner photoshopped a veil on her head. The result was amazing. Bella really looked like a bride to be, and the photo quickly went viral.

See the picture (and some more) below.