This Illustrator Explores the Subconscious

Copenhagen based illustrator and animator Rune Fisker is known for his dynamic work, his style both abstract and surrealist, engages with geometries, lines, and tones. The result is often a depiction of subconscious scenes, hinged between fiction and reality, portraying characters of distorted proportions.

But according to Fisker, you shouldn’t look for a hidden message behind his work. “I’m sorry to say that I don’t have a concrete message as such,” he told the Culture Trip. “I’m more interested in creating a feeling; to [take] the viewer somewhere other than here. But it also depends on the assignment. For my own work, I’m drawn towards a bit of a darker world than I necessarily am when working for clients.”

Growing up in the flat countryside of Denmark, Fisker spent most of his time drawing with and on whatever he could find. Now, years later, he runs his own animation company Benny Box alongside his brother, Esben. And when he isn’t animating, drawing storyboards, or making things that move, Fisker works as an artist and illustrator on a mixture of personal and commercial projects, with selected clients including brands as big as Nike, Apple, and Google.

His inspiration comes from anything and everything, including music, movies, books, and lukewarm pizza. “All my experiences, things I see, hear, etc., get stirred around in my subconscious, and sometimes something interesting pops up,” says Fisker. “Of course,” he adds, “when you are working for clients, you can’t wait for some divine, creative lightning bolt to hit you; you have to work at it. But you still get inspiration from that creative melting pot.”