This Giggling Rescue Fox Will Make Your Day

Foxes can seem scary to some people and rightfully so considering they are dangerous wild animals. But it turns out they are also one of the most joyful animals out there. Besides being playful and energetic, they can also laugh and giggle, as seen in a viral video posted by Save A Fox rescue.

The clip shows a rescue fox Finnegan playing with one of the staffers at the Minnesota-based wildlife rehabilitation facility. At one moment, the staffer starts petting and tickling Finnegan, prompting the fox to start giggling. And the adorable fox isn’t just smiling from ear to ear but also producing accompanying human-like sounds.

As it turns out, the reason why Finnegan and some other foxes can laugh is the result of their domestication. When foxes spend enough time around humans, they are able to mimic the sounds they make and use them in the situations they deem appropriate.

Save A Fox rescue provides a home to foxes that are deemed unfit to be released in the wild. This includes foxes born in captivity and those who were previously kept as pets. The organization has saved more than 150 foxes since its founding in 2017.