This Embroidery Artist is Inspired by People and Places

Katie Menzies aka Séc La Katie is an illustrator with a passion for crafts and handmade, one-off objects. Originally from London, it was after moving from England to Barcelona to pursue a career in illustration that she took up embroidery and realized her ability to be truly patient.

“My work has developed hugely over the last few years,” she wrote in a piece for Inky Goodness, “informed by some big life decisions like moving abroad and pursuing a very particular artistic path. I’ve been really lucky to be surrounded by a positive, creative environment and have been greatly inspired by the people and places around me.”

According to Menzies, she had always loved illustrating and designing her own clothes. But it was after moving to Barcelona to study for a master’s in illustration that she discovered a passion for embroidery. “It’s impossible not to be inspired when living in Barcelona,” she says, “the grit of the city contrasted with the idyllic coastline.”

With each project, Menzies finds different meanings and uses a different set of techniques and styles to achieve a unique outcome. The embroideries are all designed and hand-sewn by her. She creates the designs on paper or digitally, after which she converts them to fabric.  “It’s particularly fun to work with someone creative on their own unique piece,” she notes, “involving them in the process and seeing what ideas they want to express. I’m not afraid to step out of my comfort zone to explore different styles when working with another illustrator.”

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