This Dog is Cooler Than You

We can’t all be Instagram models, but one Italian Greyhound has what it takes. The Australia-based pooch answers to the name Margaret and loves sporting the latest fashion trends. Those include neon jumpers and sophisticated turtle necks. And yes, she’s definitely cooler than you’ll ever be.

In an interview with Channel 7’s The Morning Show her owner, Anna, chatted about life in the spotlight. “We do get noticed everywhere we go,” Anna admitted. “Going out for coffees, I’ll often get people tooting their horns and yelling out ‘Margaret’.”

The Greyhound enjoys visiting Adelaide’s many hipster coffee shops and bars. “Unlike other major celebrities, I really enjoy mingling with the common folk,” joked the pooch in a mock interview with Lifestyle Tails. “Adelaide has very few A-grade celebrities like myself and it gives people a real buzz when they see me on the street. Plus, it keeps me grounded, which I think is important.”

Naturally, she has her own merch. Her owner designs custom made outfits for Italian greyhounds under the label Miggy. She’s also just extended her range to include outfits for whippets as well. Her Etsy shop sells cute jumpers all modeled by Margaret.

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