This Artist’s Work Was So Good it Was Investigated for Authenticity

In this modern era where everything has pretty much been thought of and done already, it can be hard to come up with something original. Perhaps more difficult is when you do come up with something so unique that people start to doubt if it’s really authentic or not.

Such is the case for John Fisher, a 36-year-old professional artist whose hyper-realistic pencil drawings were so good and life-like that inspectors came to visit his home one day to check if they were real or not because, apparently, someone had claimed that Fisher was using an app to create his masterpieces.

Obviously, he wasn’t, and his popularity has been growing since.

A former chef who became a full-time artist after much persuasion from his father, Fisher definitely has his pops to thank for making him change his careers.

It’ll take you no more than a few minutes to scroll down below to see his works for yourself.