This Artist Has An Organic Approach to Paper

Raya Sader Bujana has a way with paper. An artist and set designer, she describes her practice as sculpting paper. “I wouldn’t describe it as typical paper crafting which is usually a little more geometric,” she further explained in an interview with Brown Paper Bag. “I think my approach to paper is more organic.”

Her organic approach to paper might be tied to her background in architecture. But after studying architecture for some years, Bujana decided to drop out in 2008 and focus on the part of her studies she liked best: paper modeling, that is. “People sometimes ask me what I do for a living and I never know how to explain it without showing them photos,” she admits, “and even then, they say, ‘OK, so this is your hobby, but what’s your real job?’ haha.”

But with a massive following on Instagram (125k fans to date), people better believe this is her real job. “I think architecture has influenced everything I do,” says Sader Bujana. “I feel like I apply in some way everything I learned, everything from color, composition and model making, to structure, architecture taught me to see the world differently (I love it so much) and I feel it’s always present in what I do.”

Her creations include miniature paper plants and paper dishes. There’s even an adorable paper backpack, all made with special attention to detail. Take a look at some of her paper creations in the gallery below and share with us your favorite: