This Artist Creates Beautiful Tiny Pottery

The artist behind the Wode Ceramics Instagram account is creating beautiful tiny pottery that will make you fall in love with this amazing craft. The interesting thing about this artist is that she got acquainted with pottery less than a year ago and she’s already very skilled at making these mini creations.

The talented woman worked as a film producer, before she took a break from her job in November 2019, and took a trip to Jingdezhen, China—the capital of porcelain. There she fell in love with pottery and learned the basics of this craft.

“It is a craft that requires you to experiment heavily so you can utilize the sense of touch to understand how clay can be shaped. Things like patience, an eye for precision, and a never-give-up attitude even if you fail are important qualities one must possess to proceed further,” the artist told Bored Panda.

She continued to explore the art of pottery even after returning to her home country, Singapore. Uploading photos and videos of her progress on Instagram gained the artist a sizable following on social media and motivated her to continue the practice to this day.