This Animated Tour Shows You the Sydney Opera House From the Inside

The Sydney Opera House is one of the most famous and recognizable modern landmarks in the world. You probably saw a photo of its exterior at some point, but did you ever wonder how it looks on the inside? If the answer to that is yes, then you’ll very much enjoy a recent video by YouTuber Jared Owen.

Owen is an animator who specializes in creating animated tours of famous landmarks and monuments. He usually focuses on their interior since this is the part that many people don’t get familiar with unless they actually visit the landmark.

For his Sydney Opera House video, Owen animated both the exterior and the interior of the building in impressive detail. He shared the story about its history and revealed a few fun facts, including that its sails are covered in more than one million ceramic tiles.

Next, Owen takes the viewer inside the three structures that make up the Sydney Opera House: Concert Hall, Joan Sutherland Theater, and Bennelong Restaurant. Each structure is shown with the rooftop removed, allowing you to see all of its hidden features and admire the exceptional design.

Check out this cool video below and get inspired to visit the Sydney Opera House.