9-Year-Old Girl Recreates Celebrity Looks Using Household Items

Riley Dashwood is a nine-year-old girl who has recently taken Instagram by storm thanks to her intriguing cosplay. But unlike other cosplayers,
Dashwood doesn’t dress up as fictional characters; instead, she recreates celebrity looks. And to make things even better, she uses household items to do that.

Although she uses grates, waffles, pots, and cardboard instead of fancy clothes, her recreations are almost always spot on. So far, she recreated some iconic looks of celebrities like Rihanna, rapper Lil Pump, and actress Haley Bennett.

According to Dashwood, she usually does her recreations on the weekends with the help of her parents, who then upload the results to Instagram. She usually needs an hour or so to get everything done as she imagined it.

Check out some of her impressive recreations below.