Embroidery Tattoos Are Now a Thing

Look out, embroidery tattoos are officially a thing! And although you might think these two art forms aren’t connectable, tattoo artist Eduardo “Duda” Lozano is here to show you how it’s done.

“Long ago, I had worked with logos and embroidered shirts, and the inspiration to create tattoos came afterwards,” Lozano told Tattoo Life. “I started my tattoo artist career in 2002, welding my mentor’s needles. The biggest difficulty was finding quality materials. My mentor was my friend, Claudio Botta, and he has taught me all about tattoos and the machines behind them.”

His remarkable tattoo works gained international fame and he has received invitations to participate in international tattoo events all around the world.

“I have received invitations to international conventions in Italy, Croatia, and Spain. I was also invited as a guest to various events in France, Germany, Colombia, Mexico, and other places. I have to prepare my passport!” he exclaimed.