These Two Pets Make the Best Dynamic Duo

Even amongst our favorite dynamic duos, Tydus the Alaskan Malamute and Trez the parrot, stand out. Based in South Africa, where they share a home with their owners, the two pets make for a comic effect, with Tydus a giant goofy teddy bear, while Trez the more mischevious of the two (think Pinky and the Brain).

“Our page displays the daily life of Tydus and our African Grey Congo, Trez, Creating a blog type feel to it through the lens of our animals,” write their owners on the pets’ designated website. “We also promote good and healthy animal care in a very informative manner,” they add.

On the more informative side, they explain that Tydus’ coat requires a lot of care as it matts if left unattended. “He has a large stature complimented with a big chest which is often overwhelming for people, not to mention all that fur makes him look bigger,” they say. They also have to watch out for the mischevious Trez, often heard telling Tydus to “stop it” and occasionally compliments him with a “good boy Tydus.”

“Today, our influence and followers continue to expand to new horizons,” note their owners. With almost 160k followers on Instagram, it’s clear there’s an audience for this sort of content. The two have also been featured on numerous websites and social media pages such as 9gagThe Dodo, and Unilad, making them local celebrities.

We can totally see why.