These Origami Creations are Inspired by Pop Culture Icons

Louise Cassidy loves to play with paper, and her crafty origami characters are truly delightful. Cassidy discovered her passion about four years ago when she came up with an idea to combine her craft with her second love: pop culture.

“Whenever I see a character in a film or TV show, instead of concentrating on the plot line, my mind wanders into how I could recreate it,” the artist revealed. “By using various paper techniques such as origami, crumpling to create a tree bark texture for Baby Groot or paper cutting tiny feather wings for Maleficent, I set about recreating them.”

According to Cassidy, making the characters can take from 30 minutes to a couple of hours. The hardest thing? Making the characters identifiable.

Scroll down and check out Cassidy’s origami creations below.