Architects Aim to Recreate a Rock Formation Using Mirrored Surfaces

Svetozar Andreev and Elena Britanishskaya designed a new architectural concept which proposes a revolutionary structure in place of a rock formation. The designers titled it “The Heart of Malta,” and its purpose is to transform the collapsed azure window of the archipelago into the form of a polygon.

The Dweira Window or Azure Window is 92 feet tall. This limestone arch is located on the island of Gozo in Malta. It is a rock pillar that juts out of the sea and is connected via a horizontal slab. The window was formed when a sea cave fell in the 19th century.

Andreev and Britanishskaya intend to pay homage to this Azure Window. The exterior is planned to have mirrored steel faces and will reflect the environment around it. It is expected to have the same proportions and size of its predecessor. When done, it will be a historical feat which will also stand out as an homage to Malta’s history.