These Interviews Show Human Diversity At Its Best

“Special Books for Special Kids” (or SBSK) is an organization that was founded in 2016, seeking to encourage cohesion between all people, through interviews with people with special, or slightly “different,” biological makeup.

SBSK members conduct interviews to normalize the diversity within the human race, or as they say, the “neurodiverse community” we all belong to. Their project aims to unite us around our common humanity, regardless of varying gender or gender expression, race, income, diagnosis, age, sex, religion, or sexual orientation. Rather than focusing on our differences, SBSK seeks to promote a sense of community under the auspice of virtues like respect, positivity, honesty, mindfulness, and collaboration.

The stories they share from the neurodiverse human community allow underrepresented groups of people to have an audience so that they can share their thoughts and experiences. Over a million individuals from over 115 countries around the world have joined this community to help create a world based on love, understanding, and compassion, rather than hate. 

Watch these insightful interviews for a peek into the diversity of humanity: