Physics Professor Makes Science Look Fun

Unfortunately, there is a prejudice in pop culture against natural sciences. In films and sitcoms, natural sciences are presented as boring or beyond our comprehension. In fact, physics are lots of fun!

Here to prove that to us is California State University-Fresno’s very own professor of Physics, Dr. Raymond Hall. Dr. Hall has made an awesome Instagram account which features videos that explain physics with nifty toys.

While Dr. Hall holds a PhD in Experimental High Energy Particle Physics and was a member of the research team which discovered the “top quark,” a fundamental particle, he still really enjoys making videos of his “physics toys” which bring physics closer to us. 

The Instagram documentation of the objects in his collection brings the audience nearer to understanding the beautiful way in which physics work, and how magical it can be – if seen in the right light.

Scroll down to check out his curious inventions: