These Haircuts are Nothing Short of Art

Just when you’ve had enough of the whole rainbow-colored hair trend, a new take on this hairstyle comes along. Pasadena based hairstylist Janine Ker has gained Instagram notoriety thanks to her rainbow buzzcuts.

Using various colors of hair dye, from pastels to neons, her hair carvings serve as tangible art pieces that people (daring enough) can sport on their head. “Hair is kind of like a fingerprint, with its own unique (growth) pattern and texture,” says Ker in an interview with Infringe. “It responds uniquely to manipulation and creates its own signature on top of my head. It’s mine.”

“From a young age, I’ve always been conscious of hair’s powerful connection to identity and self expression,” she notes. “In my last year of high school, we had to complete a Senior Project – I chose haircutting for mine. I taught myself the basics of cutting hair from a book, then proceeded to cut my friends’ hair, as well as my own, for the next 13 years. As an artist, cutting hair and treating it as a fibre came very naturally to me. I didn’t actually go to Cosmetology school until I was 30!”

Her persistence paid off, amassing almost 50k followers on Instagram, and with thousands of fans booking a haircut. “I tend to gravitate toward floral patterns (no matter how hard I try not to),” she admits. “I am also very, very nostalgic. I grew up in the 80s (hence my love for geometric fashion) and the 90s, surrounded by residual 70s references. So I have found myself inspired by era color schemes I remember from when I was 10: a vintage blouse I bought at a Thrift Store, down to my best friend’s grandmother’s armchair.”

Take a look at some of her unique hairstyles.