“Female Collective” Aims to Remind You of Your True Worth

Candace Reels describes herself as an intersectional feminist, content creator, and self-love advocate. Born and raised in Los Angeles, she created Female Collective to help women come together, tell their unique stories, and feel empowered to tackle the missions that matter most to them.

Her mission is to create content that will help all women feel celebrated, empowered, uplifted, and supported. “As life has it’s many challenges and it’s important that we are reminded everyday that we matter, we are loved, and we are worthy,” she writes on her website.

And with almost 400k followers on Instagram, it’s clear that many women are looking to be reminded just that. “The wonderful thing about social media is that you get to meet people around the world and you find out what they are dealing with, and with that you can be like, we’re dealing with the same things as well,” says Reels in an interview with Who What Wear.

“It’s not just [connecting with people] in our community, which is important, but also to connect with people around the world and what they are dealing with and have empathy for those people as well.”

Her platform has allowed her to become one of the organizers for the Women’s March in Los Angeles and a speaker at the Create & Cultivate Conference in Chicago.

“I think unconsciously, I always knew I wanted it to be a community because I always felt that women together are powerful,” she says. “We are so much better working together than separately. There are so many things that separate us, but if we can use all of those things and work to equalize all playing fields for all women, it’s just much better for the world and all of us.”

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