These Baby Bottle Nails Are Over-the-Top Wild

Nail trends have evolved over the years from simple colors to multi-colored gel and acrylic designs. There are so many nail designs to choose from, and they all exude trendy, classic elegance, or high voltage shapes and colors that refresh your tips.

Some designs seem outright crazy, but still – they are creative. Would you rock a baby bottle nail design with milk inside?

The process involved the use of acrylic nails and some glue. A pocket was made in between the nails to store the milk. The nail tech then used a syringe to place the milk in the nails and sealed it close with glue. She added some blue nail polish to the edge of the nails to serve as the bottle cork. She finished the job by coating the nails with transparent polish.

What do you think about this innovative design? Would you try it on your own nails?