The Vibrant, Playful Illustrations of Ari Liloan

Ari Liloan’s creative passion took on many forms — including design, art direction, type design, storyboarding, and web development — before she finally landed on illustration, a choice that suited her best.

While her first mediums were oil and ink, she now works digitally almost exclusively, working primarily with Adobe Illustrator. This also allows her more control when it comes to color choices. “However, it’s less about control compulsion than my analog incompetence,” she told Digital Arts Magazine, explaining that fine motor skills aren’t her forte.

Describing her style as a “bastard of 1930 Golden Age surrealism and 2019 vector art dilettantism”, he work centers around timeless subjects such as power, money, science, death, love, and fried chicken. “Illustration can be the vital frosting to make something seemingly boring easily digestible,” says Liloan. “That’s what I love about it.”

According to Liloan, outside of work, you can find her developing vegan recipes, losing at overcomplicated board games, or starring at a dead tree. “My best ideas come while staring at a dead tree, hallucinating to the words of Haruki Murakami, Amelie Nothomb, and Jack Gilbert,” she reflects.

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