The Playful, Geometric Illustrations of Allison Filice

Allison Filice’s approach to design and illustration is fairly straight forward. Utilizing bold colors and simple linework, her illustrations are rooted in her background in graphic design. Simplifying complex ideas, her work colorfully explores her inner and outer worlds, visualizing the invisible, and pushing forward into the unknown.

“There’s a common thread that has run through my work all the way back to when I was a kid, but it has evolved over time as I’ve grown,” the San Francisco-based illustrator and designer relayed in an interview with The Design Kids. “I think my style is quite friendly and approachable while trying to explore deep ideas,” she expressed.

Indeed, Filice was drawn to design before she knew design was even a thing. “I used to draw greeting cards, menus, magazines, and other little things when I was a kid,” she recalled. But though she dipped her toes into design while in high school, her career path was a meandering one, having studied first international business.

“After multiple economics and accounting classes, I realized business wasn’t for me and I needed to do something creative,” she admits. “I finally discovered graphic design through my counselor and switched my major to it, and was also able to learn a little industrial design as a study abroad student in London.”

Good call!

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