Katherine Bradford’s Vibrant Paintings Are Quite Remarkable

When it comes to her art, Katherine Bradford is here for the long run. The 78-year-old contemporary artist works primarily as a figurative painter, with some of her work held in esteemed collections such as the Metropolitan Museum of Art, the Brooklyn Museum of Art, and the Menil Collection, Houston Texas.

“Believe it or not the whole time I’ve been an artist I’ve felt extremely excited by every small triumph along the way,” she remarked in an interview with Art of Choice. “My first solo show was at Corsican Pizza in Brunswick Maine where I lived at the time. It was a thrilling experience to me. Someone bought one of the pieces. She was a friend. I was overjoyed. Basically to have people understand you and embrace what you are doing is deeply satisfying at any level.”

Born in New York, NY, she divides her time between Brooklyn, NY and Brunswick, ME. “Because I am now 78 years old, I no longer teach a regular class and am no longer raising a family, I can go to the studio every day, all day. It’s heaven,” she says.

Known for her luminous paintings, her work merges abstraction with representational motifs. The result is bold, vibrant, and unmistakenly Bradford. Follow her Instagram for more: