Talented Artist Invokes Melancholy with Realistic Paintings of Rainy Windows

Watching raindrops rolling down the glass window is strangely pleasing. While it invokes melancholy, it can also be very calming and soothing. This is also the feeling that artist Luiza Niechoda aims to produce with her artworks.

Niechoda recently presented a series of paintings titled “Rain-Kissed Windows,” which consist of highly realistic depictions of rain-covered windows. In her works, the drops of rain dance on the glass while making way to a beautiful landscape behind the window.

According to Niechoda, the process of making the painting begins with her painting the landscape first. After that, she covers the scene with raindrops before installing a wooden window frame to make the painting complete.

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Someone has asked me recently about artistic self-doubt and whether I still struggle with it. My answer is – EVERY SINGLE DAY. I think it's in my head constantly, 24/7, disappearing for an hour whenever someone buys my art (ahh, good old external validation) but it's always back. I can't put my finger on an event that taught me how to ignore that feeling. Truth is, we're all winging it. No matter how successful someone looks on social media, you can be sure they're struggling with something, maybe even the same thing you currently see as an obstacle. It's important to remember that nobody really shares their low moments with the public. My advice? Just keep doing what you do and don't be afraid do put yourself out there. Be consistent – if you keep doing something, there's NO OTHER WAY THAN FORWARD. You're here right now and so many wonderful things are waiting for you. As long as you're consistent, you will grow 🤗 Example: I didn't do anything productive yesterday. So today I'm sharing the same photo, from a different angle. Different caption. Different hashtags. Next, I'll take yesterday's photo and put it on Facebook, maybe somewhere else. It WILL reach new people – even if it only gives me one new follower – that's GROWTH. And growth likes to snowball. There are so many platforms and so many audiences waiting for your input. Go do something, even if it's really really really small! #watercolorrain #rainpainting #watercolorlover #rainonwindow #rainart #windowframes #farmhouseart #farmhousedecoration #rusticwalldecor #pluviofilia #pluviophile☔️ #artistmotivation #rainkissed #watercolorpainter #watercolorlandscapes #rainlovers #rainlove #artmotivation #consistence #pluie☔️ #raindroplets #raindrops💧 #windowframe #vintageframe #rainlover #beautyineveryday #framedartwork #artforhome #farmhousedecor #pluviophile

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