Artist Illustrates U.S. National Parks Alongside Their Worst Reviews

Enjoying nature, outdoors, and being able to see astonishing landscapes is great fun for some people. For others, however, there isn’t anything special in a bunch of rocks, trees, and dirt, and they are not afraid to speak out their mind. For these people, even the U.S. national parks have nothing to offer.

Last year, artist Amber Share decided to turn the bad comments about treasured U.S. national parks into main stars of her intriguing series of illustrations “Subpar Parks.” As part of the project, Share did a minimalistic illustration of each U.S. national park and then accompanied it with some of the worst reviews left by their visitors.

As you may guess, the comments themselves are pretty straightforward and rather hilarious. For example, the Grand Canyon was dubbed as “A hole. A very, very large hole,” while Arches National Park looks “nothing like a license plate. ”

Check out some of Share’s works below.