Take a Breather with Ryn Frank’s Illustrations

Like it or not, now is a time to slow down and stay put. And with the help and guidance of illustrator Ryn Frank, we might actually enjoy this time of slow living. A firm believer in the Swedish philosophy of “lagom” (“just the right amount”), Frank finds that balancing her day while focusing on one task at a time, as well as taking breaks, helps her productivity.

Much like her life philosophy, her illustrations tend to be minimal and well balanced in terms of composition and choice of color. Drawn using the simplest of materials (mostly black ink and a sketchbook), her work features themes from nature and homelife – flowers, acorns, kettles, and the likes. The end result provides an inspiring landscape that makes homelife seem ever more cozy and pleasant.


Working from home, Frank’s daily routine might also provide a source of inspiration, in and of itself. “I’m an early bird and like taking time to have a coffee and to let my brain start wakening naturally,” she shared with Freelance Wisdom. “I then go out running first thing into the countryside with my dog which completely focuses me and clears my head. I can then get back to the studio feeling refreshed for 9am ready to focus.”

And when she is not in her studio by the sea, Frank can be found out walking with her dog, sketchbook in hand taking inspiration from the countryside and coast where she lives. Take a breather:

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Home sweet home 🥰

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Sunday baking 🥧

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