Susanne Ng Makes the Most Adorable Chiffon Cakes You’ll Ever See

It can be difficult to make a name for yourself in the sea of different cake makers on Instagram, but Susanne Ng is doing her own thing. She became a true sensation thanks to her deco chiffon cakes that look too good to eat.

Singapore-based baker has a Ph.D. in biomedical engineering, and she worked in this field before deciding to focus on her kids. She came to the idea of applying patterns to chiffon cakes while experimenting in the kitchen and started a true craze with her new recipe.

Chiffon cake baking quickly became her full-time obsession, and she even went on to write several books, guiding people through her process. You have to be extremely patient to bake one because they can take up to a whole day to make – even when you’re as skilled as Susanne Ng.

Patience definitely paid off in her case, because her cakes look like true works of art. Many of them are inspired by popular cartoons, such as Pokémon, Frozen, and The Powerpuff Girls, while others simply take the shape of everyone’s favorite animals.