Aoi Yamaguchi is the Ultimate Master of Calligraphy

Aoi Yamaguchi’s calligraphy art is meant to be experienced. Born and raised in Hokkaido, Japan, by the age of 6, Yamaguchi has trained at calligraphy under Master Zuiho Sato. Decades later, she’s now a celebrated artist herself, performing and exhibiting her work in galleries, museums, and festivals around the globe.

Currently residing in Berkeley, California, Yamaguchi’s artwork is a unique blend of performance and installation art with calligraphy, pushing the boundaries of traditional Eastern classics and contemporary artistic expression. By juxtaposing the traditional Eastern classics with contemporary artistic expressions, she manages to transform the two-dimensional art of Japanese calligraphy into the art of physical expression through performances.

But funnily enough, growing up, Yamaguchi was attracted to a whole other side of creative writing, with her childhood dream being: to become a novel writer. “I started to read and write around age 3,” she relayed in an interview with The Design Kids. “Around 5-6 years old, I made a series of picture books with my illustrations and my little fantasy stories. […] “I remember bringing the book I made to the calligraphy school and showing it to Master Sato. My childhood dream was to become a novel writer.”

With a clear passion for writing, Yamaguchi’s calligraphy art is thought-provoking as it is striking.