Surrealist Painter Creates Living Giants

If you’re someone who loves art, chances are you would absolutely love the Instagram account of Austin Howlett. The reason for this is that he has so much to offer, and we’d argue that his near 77,000 followers would agree vehemently with us. So what is it about his art that makes it so interesting?

First of all, his skill is impeccable. So if you’re someone who truly appreciates art that can be backed up with refined technique, Howlett has got you covered. You’ll never be left feeling like you’re not looking at something truly professional.

Next, his vision and style is something special. If you’re someone who needs to be inspired by an artist’s mission, you may fall in love with Howlett’s. While his goal’s are somewhat open to interpretation, it’s clear he’s someone that focuses on surrealist art that makes you think.

For instance, Howlett loves painting portraits of living human giants, and he often depicts lying down in the wilderness with the mountains. The paintings truly are something like you’ve never seen before, and they make you question what it’s trying to say. Perhaps we, too, are all giants in the real world—but in our own special way.