Serge Gay Jr. Learned to Paint Before He Learned to Speak

Serge Gay Jr. treats painting as his first language. “I was painting as a kid, since the first grade,” he shared with Feed the Juice. “Painting was my way of communication since English wasn’t my first language.”

Having moved to the US from Haiti, influences in his work can be found from the cultural sociology of his homeland of Haiti, as well as the various American cities he resided in. Those include New York, Miami, Detroit, and San Francisco. Currently based out of San Francisco, California, his background work isn’t restricted to painting and includes illustration, graphic design, and art directing to name a few.

“When I was in fifth grade, my art teacher told that I should go to art school,” he recalls. “So I went to an art magnet school, to art high-school, and then to art college. Growing up in the neighborhood, I would always have a camera filming things. I was always doing things related to art.”

Aside from his artwork, Gay Jr. also owns his own art company and works in film and video production design in LA (a title that also landed him a Grammy nomination with film director Matt Stawski). “I always like to squeeze in as many projects as I can,” he admits. “Anything to keep me creative working on visual art to make me feel passionate.”

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