Self-Taught Cosplayer Shows Off Her Amazing Talent

The word “next level” is so often thrown around these days that it has sort of lost its meaning. What was once a term used to describe things that were completely different and of much higher quality, is now being used lightly. But, sometimes, there are things that are so awesome that they rightfully deserve to be called “next-level”.

Case in point, the next-level cosplay creations of Brenna Mazzoni. A self-taught cosplay and makeup enthusiast hailing from Clermont, Florida, Mazzoni is constantly pleasing her 100k Instagram followers with her astonishing creations and transformations.

While Mazzoni might not necessarily be the biggest cosplayer out there, it probably is only a matter of time before she blows up. Her creative and realistic costumes look so real that they feel like they’re about to jump right out of your screen.

Scroll down below to see Mazzoni’s next-level cosplay creations.