Self-Taught Artist Makes Remarkable Balloon Sculptures

Masayoshi Matsumoto is a 29-year-old self-taught artist who creates remarkable balloon sculptures. Matsumoto’s crafting career began ten years ago, and since then he has made animals, plants, and insects out of balloons.

“I started making these seven years ago, I was really inspired by wildlife pictures and wanted to see if I could create realistic animals of my own,” Matsumoto told Metro.

In his work, Matsumoto doesn’t use marker, stickers or any other supplementary material, and each piece of art takes him at least two hours to complete. A complicated project can last up to six hours. “My creations are one hundred percent balloon-only,” the artist told Bored Panda. “I don’t use any adhesive, marker pens, or anything else.”

Matsumoto shares his work on his Instagram account called isopresso_balloon where he has gained over 45 thousand followers. Scroll down to take look at his work.