Restaurant Comes Up With the Perfect Solution For Social Distancing

Over the past few months, things have felt far from normal. Businesses and places of recreation have been closed, but they’re just starting to open back up. Movie theaters, malls, gyms, parks, and restaurants are slowly opening their doors while following social distancing guidelines. Even though places are opening back up, people are still concerned about contracting the virus.

With the rules and regulations constantly changing, sometimes it’s important to get creative to make people feel safe. Maison Saigon, a Vietnamese restaurant in Thailand, decided to make sure its customers keep a safe distance from each other. Their solution is a bit out of the ordinary, but none the less, it’s adorable—pandas!

The restaurant placed plush pandas at the tables to keep people at safe distances. These pandas will even keep you company if you don’t like eating alone. The pandas are making sure everyone stays protected from the coronavirus.

Would you like to eat your dinner with plush pandas?

Check out more of the photos from the Maison Saigon’s Instagram page.