Remarkable Stone Sculptures Made by Devin Devine

Devin Devine says that he is a stonemason by day and a visionary sculptor by night who builds epic landscapes.

Devine had been working in outdoor construction, masonry, and landscaping for a decade before he started his own company back in 2007. According to the artist, he wanted to create “wholesome and inspiring spaces in grater harmony with nature.” However, as soon as he combined his two passions, the love for stones and art.

“I use local, natural materials to design comfortable, inspiring, outdoor spaces,” the artist shared on his personal website. “Your landscape should look like it fits in with its environment and actually be built from its environment. The goal is to make your local environment, your yard, into a better place, without doing undue damage to the larger world.”

If you are interested to see more of Devine’s remarkable masterpieces, check out his Instagram profile or have a look at his website.