Remarkable 3D Art You Need to Check Out

Inspired by his fellow artists, Vincent Schwenk from Germany creates remarkable 3D art pieces. His interest in art as a little kid led him to his study graphic design, and then brought him to typography and branding, and finally to 3D.

The Hamburg-based artist likes to play with colors, textures, and lights. “I also love to get lost in details. The details and imperfections are the most important thing in 3D – they make things look real. For example, fingerprints on mirrors or traces of dirt or dust are confusing the viewer. Is it real or just fake? I like to surprise them, Wow-them, tickle their fantasy and sometimes leave a question mark in their head,” the artist shared in an interview for Ballpit.

When creating his art, Schwenk uses various apps, including Cinema 4D, Marvellous Design, Substance Designer, XParticles, UVRizom, and Adobe.

To see some of his work, check out the gallery below and follow him on Instagram for future updates.