R.H. Sin’s Poetry is Viral—For Good Reason

The words “poetry” and “viral” don’t often go together, but in the case of Reuben Holmes (aka r.h. Sin) the two go hand in hand. Born in New Brunswick, New Jersey and currently based in New York, Holmes is known for his short poems and epigrams that cut to the core of what it means to be human.


Through posting his words on Twitter and later on Instagram, Holmes learned the power of less is more. More specifically he taught himself to “say less but make a point using 140 characters” (as he later shared in an interview with The New Yorker).


“Your account should be growing, you should also be growing,” Holmes told The New Yorker. “Evolving is the point,” he stressed. Holmes puts his money where his mouth is. With over two million (!) fans on Instagram alone, his practice (and words) are worth following.


His words, more often than not, are aimed at women, with an unapologetically feminist tone to his poetry.  “My words are what I would say to my sister, my mother, or the women I want to protect,” he explains. “Even after being hurt by a woman in the past, I understood where it came from and why she was the way she was as soon as I met her father, the man who had broken her heart long before she’d even known me.” 


His words—blunt, beautiful, and inspiring—will bring some light to your life and more importantly—your feed.