Przemek Krawczyński’s Lamps Truly Set the Mood

Interior designs will tell you that lighting design plays a key role in creating the right mood and adjusting the ambiance of interior spaces. A good lamp is not only a source of light but can actually be a room’s centerpiece.

Lately, we’ve been taken by Przemek Krawczyński’s one-of-a-kind lamps. Made of gourd—a dried tropical fruit found in Senegal, Guinea, and Mali—they are intricately carved, their patterns reflected on the walls and ceiling when lit.

Inspired by fractal art, geometry, and harmonious patterns and constructions, his work is made with precision and includes a lot of planning ahead.

“In my projects, I look for harmony and cohesion,” writes the Polish sculptor on his website. “I enjoy complicated, varied, and composite patterns; nothing about their arrangement is random.”

As such, completing a piece might take months at a time, with the finished result truly a one of kind. “Sometimes the designing stage is the longest and the most difficult, but most of the time the carving and the drilling are the most labor-intensive,” says Krawczyński.

Working with organic material, the first stage is skinning the gourd and cleaning the inside, after which the patterns are drawn on the gourd, using previously applied grids.

“Once the pattern is designed I engrave the contours. The next steps is marking the place of every single hole and painting of the gourd.”

Here are some of our favorite creations by him.