Pippa Haynes Creates Show-Stopping 3D Embroidery Inspired by Nature

Image via lemonpepperstudio/Instagram

Nature-inspired art is not a novelty in the world of embroidery, and artists who decide to go down this path have to do something truly unique to stand out. Pippa Haynes is doing just that, with her show-stopping 3D embroidery creations, inspired by her love for nature.

Haynes opened Lemon Pepper Studio in 2017, but it took some time before she discovered embroidery was her true calling. She previously studied performance design at the University of Leeds, and her background as a set designer significantly influenced her approach to embroidery.

“I’ve always thought of my pieces as miniature worlds, like Alice in Wonderland. I imagine a tiny Alice running around amongst the embroidered flowers and it becomes just like a (much) smaller version of building a set,” she told Hobbies and Crafts.

Another thing that she carried over from her past creative projects was her love for 3D artwork. Even when she was younger, her work was never flat and she was intrigued by the idea of tricking people into thinking something was real when it isn’t.

Haynes’ creations often take the shape of plants and flowers, and that’s not a coincidence either. Her art truly started blooming when she moved to the countryside, and she’s now fully dedicated to preserving the beauty of nature through the medium of thread.