Japanese Artist Mebaru is Crafting Incredibly Realistic Felt Cats

Felting is truly an underrated art form, and if you still haven’t fallen in love with it, now’s the time. Japanese felt artist, Mebaru, is putting needle felting on the map by making miniature felted cats that look just as amazing as the real thing.

The crafting technique of needle felting is pretty popular with artists inspired by the animal world, and Mebaru is one of the very best. She uses a special type of needless with tiny barbs on the end to poke pieces of wool, transforming them into three-dimensional sculptures, usually taking shape of cats.

Mebaru doesn’t shy away from felting cats of different species and in different colors, but there’s one thing they share in common. In addition to being masterfully made, her cats are best known for sitting in some of the most hilarious cat poses, and this adds to the realism of her art. They’re also small enough to fit in the palm of her hand.

In addition to sharing her creations with 100,000 followers on Instagram, Mebaru doesn’t shy away from creating custom pieces for all the cat lovers out there who want to get their hands on a felted version of their pet. She also enjoys sharing secrets of her craft with other felting enthusiasts and offers tutorials and courses on Fantist.