Named After Robinson Crusoe, This Pup is a True Adventurer!

With almost 800k followers on Instagram alone, Crusoe the miniature black and tan Dachshund is a wiener dog extraordinaire! On top of his buzzing Instagram page, he also has a YouTube channel that reaches tens of millions of viewers a day – a huge feat for a very small dog.

Named after Robinson Crusoe, the extraordinary pup has a deep sense of adventure, traveling around the world with his parents to places like the Bahamas, France, Italy, Switzerland, and Mexico, as well as having toured all across the US and Canada.

Born in Montreal, he was raised near Mont Tremblant, Quebec for the first couple years of his life, but has since moved to Ottawa, Ontario, Canada. It was shortly into the first year of his life that he had his first debut on television, having won “best trick” at an annual wiener dog event. He has since won a People’s Choice Award for Animal Star of 2018. Oh, and he also has a New York Times Bestselling book.

But being small also has its faults. In 2016 he had to undergo surgery on his back for a ruptured disc. His surgery followed months of rehabilitation, which he passed with flying colors, and is now back to his happy little self. We wish him the best of luck on his many adventures.