Meet the Guy Who Visited 34 Countries

Travels of Mozzy is a content creator and a world traveler with a passion for exploring new cultures. Over the years, he has visited 34 countries, each one offering its own unique blend of history, traditions, and beauty.

The Somalian-born Travels of Mozzy is currently based in Macedonia where he learns about different ways of life, and expands his own horizons. He spends every spare moment researching new destinations, planning his next adventure, and saving up for his next trip.

Throughout his journeys, he has encountered all sorts of amazing experiences. He has tried exotic foods, learned new languages, met fascinating people, and gained a wealth of knowledge about the world and its diverse cultures.

But for him, travel is about more than just checking off a list of places he’s visited. Despite all the amazing places he has been, Travelsofmozzy is always looking for his next adventure.

Who knows where he will end up next? One thing is for certain—wherever he goes, he will be sure to take in all that each destination has to offer and come home with even more amazing stories to share.

Check out his Instagram profile if you are interested to see more of his travel adventures.