Mechelle Bounpraseuth’s Ceramics Connect Food With Cultural Traditions

Food connects families and we’re sure there are certain foods that bring you right back to your childhood. Such is the case with ceramics artist Mechelle Bounpraseut, who explores her identity as a first-generation daughter of Laotian refugees by creating branded food and drink items that represent her culture.

Her journey to becoming an artist wasn’t easy as she was raised a Jehovah’s witness and discouraged from following her artistic passions. Eventually in her 20s she left the religion, got married, and fulfilled her dream of being an artist. She started by drawing and creating zines and then she took a ceramics course and discovered her talents. Before long she was designing bright, clay miniature household items.

One of her ceramics, a Heinz ketchup bottle, which can be found in fridges around the world, represents her family preparing and eating pho together. Through her designs, she looks back at her childhood and makes new memories.

Which foods remind you of your childhood? Be sure to check out more of this artists’ creations below.