Man Clears up Snow Path For His Wife in Heartwarming Video

Love is in the air. And no, it isn’t celebrity love or love that involves a fancy trip overseas. It is the purest form of love – the “its the smallest things that count” type of love.

This video shows a man and his wife trying to leave the house. The walkway is covered with snow and the woman has heels on. Wading through the snow would be really difficult with those shoes.

Her husband comes up with a bright idea to make it easier for his wife. He walks ahead of her and clears a path for her as he goes. Walking sideways, he clears a small path for her shoes to fit in and she follows him closely. It is a beautiful display of affection.

This video was shared by _Christar_. The Twitter user said she got the video from her brother and since then it has gone viral. Lots of people appreciate the man’s beautiful gesture.