Makeup Artist Uses Her Lips As Canvas

Can you imagine using your lips to create inspiring masterpieces? This is the life of makeup artist Ryan Kelly, who uses her lips as canvas, painting unique pieces on them. Although Instagram has many makeup artists, Kelly stands out in the crowd.

The full-time make-up artist from Maryland, is the owner of a freelance makeup company named Bland Makeup Artistry. She has been practicing and perfecting her lip art skills for the last 4 years.

Her work became viral after she posted a photo of her lips painted with an homage to the viral “Left Shark” by Katy Perry in 2015. During that time, she didn’t know how popular her work was going to get. Currently, she has more than 79k followers who eagerly await her new creations.

See how she interprets trends and pop culture references with accuracy and playfulness in the gallery below.