Make Your Own Magic: Follow Meera Lee Patel’s Words of Wisdom

Meera Lee Patel wants you to do that thing you’ve always wanted to do. With a strong belief that anything is possible, her work is dedicated to helping others find their authentic path through life. A self-taught illustrator and creator, she shares her guiding principles in life through a dedicated Instagram page, amassing almost 40k followers to date.

Aside from a buzzing online presence, her projects include book illustrations, textile and print licensing, stationery collections, and writing pieces about mental health and emotional well-being.

“I am interested in exploring the intricacies of human connection, and I use my work to unearth the small yet vibrant stories found in everyday life,” wrote Patel on her website. ​”Like you, I have many worlds inside of me. I am sensitive but tough. I am pragmatic but free. I am a dreamer. ​I hope my work will always serve as a simple reminder: you are not alone.”

“What you can control lies within yourself: your thoughts and attitudes, your wishes and desires, and the perspective you choose to live by,” she added in a later interview with Freelance Wisdom. “We often blame our fear for keeping us from moving forward, but it’s our perspective of fear that truly holds power—it can imbibe us with strength and courage, or it can slowly destroy us.”

According to her, “if you believe that everything that happens to you holds a lesson, you’ll be better equipped to find the lesson and learn from it. If you believe that there is purpose and meaning in difficult, you’ll find beauty in the obstacles you face.”

If those words alone don’t encourage you to take that leap of faith, her Instagram page might do.