Lauren Fitzmaurice Lifts Others with Letters

Now, more than ever before is a time for healing and comfort. It is also time to find a new hobby. First on our list: calligraphy. According to Lauren Fitzmaurice, owner of Renmade Calligraphy, the best way to find your own calligraphy style is through practice and inspiration.

“My favorite way to explore new styles is to pick up a pencil or brush pen and just start writing,” she shared with Surely Simple. “Yes, there are tons of inspiring people on Instagram and it’s ok to find things that you like in others’ work, but the best way to find your own style is to put down the phone, get out the pens, and just practice until you find what you love.”

A left-handed calligrapher and lettering artist from Owensboro, Kentucky, Fitzmaurice found her love of calligraphy while taking an online calligraphy class on her search to find a way to be creative in her busy schedule. Having started lettering and calligraphy in January of 2015 with pointed pen calligraphy, she picked up her first Tombow brush pen about a year after that.

As a lefty, she had to teach herself techniques on how to hold her pen. Though she admits she still has the occasional smear, she agrees practice has helped minimize lefty pangs. After taking on an envelope addressing job, she was hooked and has been loving all things letters ever since.

According to Fitzmaurice, lifting others with letters is her ultimate goal and she currently strives to teach others the art of calligraphy through her blog, her Brit and Co class Lettering for Lefties, and in-person workshops. In addition to learning new techniques for herself, she gives tips to her followers to help them achieve the best result. Follow her tips and tricks on Instagram:

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I stumbled upon words today that I loved and it got me to really thinking about one word in particular … I bet you can’t guess it (hint hint… watch the video😂🙌🏻). This quote truly struck a chord with me today. “It takes great courage to see the world in all it’s tainted glory and still to love it.” -Oscar Wilde Goodness… our world right now… all of the things so many are going through… literally everything we are called to do right now takes courage -staying home takes courage -being a front line worker or essential worker takes mega courage (thank you) -homeschooling and changing our norm takes courage -Doing what’s best for others over inconvenience takes courage -making the most of every day we are given despite what we are going through takes courage -being away from ones we love and love us right back -telling our kids and our friends… and even ourselves that it’s not ok right now but it will be ok later takes courage. -taking time for self care takes courage. And the list could go on and on. So let’s be courageous, do the hard things and try to keep our hearts grateful… because even in all the mess… all the uncertainty… the anxiety… there is beauty and goodness in the world. It just takes all of our courage to see it through. 🌎💗💪🏻 #100daysoflifeinletters day 2/100 #renmadecalligraphy #theletterlovelies #the100dayproject2020 #togetherky #teamkentucky #healthyathome #patriot @andybeshearky #courage #letteringvideo #letteringvideos #inspiringquotes #quarantinehappier #renmadeleftyvideos #the100dayproject #tombowlikealefty #tombowpro

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